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Benefits of Massage Therapy

What to Expect...

With health insurance coverage, you may want to check with your plan to see if you require a doctors referral for reimbursement purposes.

When booking your first appointment, you will be emailed a health history form that will be required to be filled out prior to your treatment. You may or may not know what type of treatment to book in for; no need to worry, this will be discussed during your visit.


Upon arrival, you will be offered an assessment based on whether the treatment is for rehabilitative or for relaxation purposes.  

It will be discussed on how to disrobe, if at all, once the therapist leaves the room, get prepared on the table and what to expect during the treatment as far as pressure, techniques as well as treatment plan.


Each treatment is started on a heated (optional), comfortable massage table with support as well as stability.  Every massage treatment is started with rhythmic mobilization of the entire body to promote circulation and ease pressure on the joints to relax the muscles as a whole. An oil, lotion or corn starch is used in light rhythmical strokes to warm up the tissue, gradually working deeper into the desired areas. You may be offered additional heat, cooling agent, oils or pain relieving ointments throughout or at the completion of your treatment as well as remedial exercises to sustain your massage treatment benefits.

The payment options are card, cash or e-transfer to Once payment is accepted,  a receipt will be emailed to you. 

Thank you, I appreciate your business!


Why Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy Effects on the 11 Body Systems


1. Digestive System

Releases tension in the abdominal and intestinal muscles, relieves constipation, assists with waste elimination, and stimulates liver and kidney activity, promoting rapid disposal of waste products 

2. Muscular System

Stretches muscles transversely as well as lengthwise, which allows scar tissue, adhesions and fascia surrounding muscles to loosen or break down, assisting in muscle repair while increasing  flexibility and releasing muscle tension, discomfort and stiffness  

3. Integumentary System

Provides overall stimulation and health of the skin by stimulating sebaceous glands which produce sweat, improving skin condition, texture and tone

4. Lymphatic System

Helps the body maintain proper body circulation, body fluid balance, immune function and response by stimulating lymph nodes which speeds the healing process.  Lymph drainage reduces muscle soreness, inflammation, waste product accumulation, swelling, muscular fatigue, weakness and pain

5. Endocrine System

Increasing general circulation thus providing the ability to move hormones throughout the bloodstream, helping the body rebalance and heal

6. Nervous System

Stimulates nerve receptors that transmit sensory signals to the Central Nervous System, thus causing the reduction in tension of the muscles, decreasing stress and promoting relaxation.  Massage causes endorphins to release which has been shown to reduce pain and muscle tension while enhancing and elevating energy


7. Skeletal System

Increase in circulation nourishes skeletal cells, particularly osteoblasts that are responsible for making new bone as your body grows.  Massage can also breakdown adhesions that can form between tendons and bone or ligaments and bone, increasing the range of motion to joints

8. Male & Female Reproductive Systems

In terms of fertility, by improving blood flow and circulation to the organs that are needed to transport hormones, it can help aid in hormonal balance, which can greatly improve the chances of conceiving

9. Respiratory System

Stimulates blood flow of the heart, lengthening and loosening the muscles around the rib cage, improving breathing and lung function

10. Urinary System

Encourages smooth muscle contractions of the bladder to eliminate more urine, flushing out any build up of waste, toxins and fluid retention

11. Circulatory System

Pressure from massage encourages the transport of blood blow, oxygen, nutrients, red blood cells throughout the body to the extremities while reducing heart rate and blood pressure 

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